• Shortly About Me

    I'm a 58years old and over 14 years self-taught DSLR Photographer
    and Travelagent with residence in Philippines.
    It’s Never Too Late To Follow Your Dream !

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    Camotes Eden



    sensual outdoor shooting with Nathy, a beautiful and genuine Filipina Model


    Photo Vista

    Photo Vista starts Stockphotography on Adobe, Getty, Shutterstock, Alamy

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    My Services

    Portrait / Travel / Wildlife

    I particulaly enjoy taking portraits, for your portfolio, family and personal use and I'm passionate about the one to one sessions with women emphasising on sensuality and femininity.

    Being in the mood for vacation? I will help you to promote your hotel, your destination, sight-seeing excursions.

    Join me for a fun one-on-one or small group experience photographing a variety of bird species at one of my favourite set up locations.

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  • My Bio

    I'll try to explain my urge to create Photographs" of all sorts of things and share them with others.

    As a kid I was interested in art, particularly photography. I wanted to be a commercial artist but became an engineer instead.
    Raising a family and working were priorities but I was able to pursue art as a Hobby Photographer and Cad Designer.
    Retirement gave me the opportunity now to pursue photography more seriously.
    Sharing my Photography work is important. Our lives are busy and complex.
    My hope is that you will press the pause-life button and "smell the roses" in a visual way. It's my way to use my ability to benefit others.
    Feedback helps me improve my work; I'd love to hear from you.

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    My Interests

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  • Glamour







  • About My Works

    Portrait / Glamour...

    We photograph people, you know. We make them look awesome, even they camera-shy. I will make YOU look awesome too. If you're already awesome, I will make you look even more super-awesome!
    You will find me HERE

    Landscape / Travel

    You must know some amazing places. I certainly do.
    If you don't know one, why not let me help by putting you on some?
    You want's to shoot on an amazing place in Philippines or maybe you plan a Photosafarie?
    I'd love to organize it for you HERE.

    retouch your images

    I can remove some little distractions and do some skin retouching on you if needed.
    I don't go crazy making you look fake and not like yourselves, but I want you to watching your photos as the most amazing shoots of you.

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    My passion is Photography

    When it comes to finding the right things to capture,
    I jump on the opportunity.
    When I bought my first DSLR, I fell in love instantly.
    Trying to mimic what some of my favorite Photographers have been doing for decades.

    I then researched anything I could get my hands on when it came to sharpening my skills.
    Whether it be watching Photos on Flickr or guides and tutorials on YouTube videos.
    I’m hooked. And I love what I do.
    Now not limited to one type of photography, I spend a lot of time with portraits, glamor, travel, wildlife and landscape Photography.

    You as a customer need your expectations met,

    and exceeded by whomever you hire for whatever type of job you need accomplished.

    And most of all, you need to be comfortable with your Photographer, Web Designer or Travelagent.
    So why let just anyone capture the moments that are going to last forever?
    You shouldn’t.
    Explore my site and please contact me today!

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    Nathy's Testimonial

    I chose Klaus for my new portfolio outdoor photos because of his amazing location and at most I feel a connection with him. I can connect to him on a personal and artistic level. He inspires me and makes me feel so comfortable. He is genuine and kind, and this makes every interaction with him effortless and refreshing. What I enjoyed most about working with Klaus was his personable approach and his intuitive ability to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. He is great at directing you in a way that is fun and without pressure.
    Thank you so much for the stunning images Klaus. I can't wait to work together again soon.

    Jane's Testimonial

    “… thank you so much for the beautiful and tempting photographs, they made me cry!
    I will treasure them and I just want to say a couple things!

    -Thank you for your wonderful eye with photography.

    - Making me feel comfortable and at ease.

    -Your patience with me that don’t know what I'm doing.

    You made this process stress-free and fun!!!
    I would refer you to everyone and I will definitely be back soon.
    Thank you for all you do!!
    And putting smiles on my face!!